Professional Development

Our mission is to help professionals transform potential into success through a strengths-based approach designed to improve quality of life as well as productivity at work. We believe that each person's actions and attitudes have a ripple effect on others, and that effective professional development will contribute to the overall employee engagement of an organization as well as the success of the individual.

Our results-driven strategy is to integrate learning with meaningful challenges at work as part of a Learn, Do, Reflect cycle for growth, empowerment and sustainability.

We offer professional development solutions in the following areas:

Leadership Development

Programs in leadership competencies are offered to help leaders discover and develop an authentic voice of leadership, including:

  • Self-awareness
  • Communication Styles
  • Emotional Intelligence

Managers in Transition

Change offers exciting opportunities for growth, and our programs give managers in transition confidence and powerful tools for successfully navigating challenges including:

  • Fine-tuning Social Skills
  • Seeking and Offering Feedback
  • Developing Resilience

Team Building

Develop high performing teams by focusing on trust, team spirit and common values. Our team building activities are designed to be engaging, energizing and suitable for all levels of physical abilities. Team building themes include:

  • Business Stories with Impact
  • Think Outside the Box: Unleash Your Team's Creativity
  • Leveraging Diversity in Decision Making


Sometimes a group needs to step away from the hectic pace of daily activities to reflect, look at the big picture, and gain clarity about challenges as well as opportunities. As an outside facilitator, we can objectively guide groups through activities designed to strategically achieve goals with maximum buy-in. We establish a climate for success through:

  • Active Listening
  • Synthesis of Ideas
  • Psychological Safety


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